Tiny Dance Partners

22nd May 2023, 6:00 AM
Tiny Dance Partners

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22nd May 2023, 6:00 AM
Inspired by my son who loves to join my side as I vacuum because he seems to be fascinated and entertained by it.


22nd May 2023, 3:52 PM
Doing the Roomba rumba! It sucks in a good way!
22nd May 2023, 4:13 PM
So graceful and such talent, and so cute!!!!!!
23rd May 2023, 3:39 PM
Cute! ^.^

I was fascinated with my parents vacuum cleaner, but for probably different reasons. It was so old that the bag was not inside anything; it was soft cloth and you could see it inflate when you turned the vacuum cleaner on. Its age also meant it looked like nothing other than some robot from some kids sci-fi, and it had a light which seemed to be there just for the glamour of it. Now I know it was Hoover's classic 'Hedlite', and was integrated into the case by Henry Dreyfuss who made some definitive atomic age designs.
23rd May 2023, 3:45 PM
I went to the trouble of looking up a picture for that old vac & accidentally posted my comment without linking it. Here's picture of 3 like it: